„Sometimes one hand doesn't know what the other is doing. This is why it's better if everything stays in one hand. “

An examination of the AOK Health Service has found that over 60% of the foreign dentures do not comply with German quality standards. Lead in Chinese dentures is unfortunately no exception. In view of such information, it is best to know exactly where your dentures are made.

We have our own dental laboratory, which can produce almost all kinds of dental restorations, from superstructures for implants to ceramic inlays, crowns and bridges. Also, removable braces are manufactured in our own laboratory.

Our dentures and orthodontic appliances are manufactured in close cooperation of laboratory and dental clinic. Material purchases, craftsmanship and technical execution are monitored by us closely and therefore correspond exactly to our mission statement and quality specifications.

Another advantage: In our laboratory, our patients always have the highest priority. This ensures flexible and reliable scheduling. Repairs to orthodontic appliances can be done ad hoc.